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Choosing A Career Path In Tech

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August 2023 fell in the middle of the summer high school break, and it was a wonderful opportunity for me to visit the kids enrolled for summer coaching lessons, to talk about a really important subject that’s sadly not discussed as often as it should in high schools: choosing a life career.

In recent years, there has been a shift in the career trajectory of young adults. The old formula of a guaranteed job after high school and college no longer works. Global economic situations among other factors makes it increasingly difficult to earn a decent living, and as such, many companies now higher solely on the bases of skill i.e what can you do to bring value to the company.

Young stars are certainly not aware of these trends, and many grown-ups they look up to in the traditional educational systems are ill-equipped to help them navigate today’s rapidly changing job market. This was an opportunity for me to organize workshop sessions to discuss these issues with kids from schools nearby, and arm them with the information they need to steer their career forward.

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