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How to Learn to Code & Get a Developer Job

·2 mins

Who thought you could write an entire book on a single page and make it free for everyone to read? This was such an insightful book for newbies as well as experienced developers, because it discusses the less talked about aspects of becoming a professional developer. I’m leaving a link here for you to read the entire book.

Read the full book here

I took these interesting notes from the book:

  • Share your ideas by creating short videos of your apps and demos. This also help you build credibility
  • ‘The grass on the other side always looks greener’. Instead of jumping from one tutorial to the next, build projects and put them online, you’ll learn faster by doing
  • Stay in school and don’t throw away that university degree. It’s going to help you in more ways than you can imagine. Also consider going back to school if you still can
  • Actively seek out opportunities to engage with and grow your personal network. It may not amount to much at the moment, but like seeds will grow in time and lead to a bountiful harvest when you least expected it
  • Build your reputation and try to be known in the tech community as being good at a particular field
  • Some avenues to build your reputation as a developer are: Hackathons, OSS contributions, creating developer content amongst others
  • Employers value predictability above all else and would thus only hire those whom they have a sense of kinship with or those who are very experienced