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The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

·1 min

I’m not a smoker, but I really enjoyed reading this book. Allen talks about the psychology of addiction, and how easy it is to quit after freeing ones self from the brainwashing. And the best part is, it does not require the use of willpower when you realize you’re not giving anything up.

Here are a few notes from the book:

  • Smoking is not a habit, it’s a drug addiction
  • Smoking a cigarette is like putting on tight shoes to experience the joy of taking them off
  • The cigarette gives nothing, but only takes away and partially restores to maintain the illusion
  • Smoking does absolutely nothing for you
  • Smoking is a chain reaction. If you smoke that cigarette, it will lead to the next and the next
  • Smokers lose out on both longevity and quality of life. Your life I’ll be so much enjoyable when you quit!
  • Cutting down actually makes the cigarette more precious because it increases the withdrawal pangs. It’s a deadlock, don’t do it
  • No one can stop time. Every moment that passes, that little monster is dying. Enjoy your inevitable victory